Penny Lewis
Community Visual Artist

Penny has supported Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School through two very successful ’ Big Draw’ events, which have raised the profile of Art within our school and its community. The creative approaches used to make Art accessible for all really did inspire and raise confidence in staff and pupils alike.
Penny designed exciting experiences for all our pupils, from Reception to Year 6, using the themes: ‘Newlaithes, Past, Present and Future’ as well as ‘The Island, The Age of Exploration’. The children were given the opportunity to work independently, as well as collaboratively and with a range of skills and varying media with which to practice.
Penny committed lots of time and energy in the preparation for both projects and supported staff when planning the ‘Big Draw’ theme days in school. The activities were exciting and enjoyed by all – seasoned artists as well as those that needed converting!
Our recent Art Inspection in July 2011 judged Art to be good with outstanding features, specifically commending the ‘Big Draw’ events in engaging the community.
It is great credit to Penny that the themed Art days have had a lasting effect on the delivery of Art at our school. Thank you!

Joanne Blacoe - Headteacher at Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School.  November 2011.

The day was fab, we've got the people up in the hall and around the classroom and the children are very proud! They loved the day and it really helped with their collaborative skills. The training was also brilliant, people found it really useful for ideas to weave into their planning and it opened their eyes to the fact that you can use just about anything to get drawing! It was commented that your training was particularly helpful in reminding people to have a go at larger scale projects.

From a personal point of view, I thought the entire day was brilliant. Using art as a tool for learning in other areas of the curriculumis something I am trying to developand you have given me ideas on how that can be done. It also really brought home (certainly to other staff members) that it is about the process the children go through rather than just the finished product all the time.

Amy Sharpe - Art Co-ordinator at Morley Newlands Primary School. January 2011.

The Mural is up! It looks Fab! - Thanks

Rachel Drinkwater - Bankside School.